We can keep bull crapping one another like we all are not riddled with worries & fears. I can come up with an awesome acronym for the word FEAR or something clever to make you avoid the real causes and to brush it off like a passing train.

In the corporate world I was surrounded by so many unhappy people who did exactly what they were told to do in order to live a happy life. Jealousy ran rampant and no one worked as a team anymore due to passive aggressiveness, narcissism and competition. We went to school, got married, made great investments, had children, but still had no joy. We confused joy with happiness, success with confidence and relied on professional achievements as a way to replace personal issues. Nowadays, companies are hiring more gatekeepers than talented employees.

We all worry about our mortgage payments, whether our children are safe, will we be fired from our jobs, or will there be enough money for food this week. We worry about being accepted, being loved and not being abandoned.