"An Australian study of 2,338 men came to a similar conclusion. In all, men who averaged 4.6 to seven ejaculations a week were 36% less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer before the age of 70 than men who ejaculated less than 2.3 times a week on average."
Harvard Medical School, 2009

At the age of eleven I remember the first time hearing Marvin Gaye singing "Sexual Healing".

"And when I get that feeling
I want sexual healing
Sexual healing, oh baby
Makes me feel so fine

Helps to relieve my mind
Sexual healing baby, is good for me
Sexual healing is something that's good for me"

I remember feeling so ashamed just by the lyrics. Enjoying sexual pleasure was often portrayed as something "nasty" and for freaks and society's deviants. In contrast, sex is a powerful way to express your emotions in a non-verbal way. When it is consensual and safe, sex can provide medicinal results, restore intimacy, physical activity, releases tension, stress reliever, promotes bowel movements, mood lifter, desirability and more! Sex with your partner/spouse should be on the your list of priorities just like food shopping, doctors visits and paying bills. Giving yourself to your partner and being vulnerable in the moment is not a way to gain power over your partner but to share yourself and to create a pleasurable experience for the both of you.